• Anita Vickers

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Recently the term Virtual Assistant has been getting lots of airtime. But, have you found yourself wondering what exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

Essentially, a virtual assistant is someone who works remotely, assisting businesses and entrepreneurs with their administration and other daily tasks. Virtual Assistants often come from PA or Office Management backgrounds. This in itself means that they are 'all-rounders' with lots of different skills, and with experience in a variety of backgrounds.

In the current climate, it is becoming more and more common for people to work from home, or work remotely. In lots of industries the notion of an office or even an office manager is becoming redundant as we move more towards online working. Therefore a Virtual Assistant can be a great option to fill the gap where an Office Manager might have been, for example.

For individuals who have traditionally worked with PAs in an office, a Virtual Assistant can make a good replacement, with the experience to handle the same tasks, but to do them remotely. Not only can Virtual Assistants handle the same tasks as PAs such as inbox and diary management, but depending on their background they can also assist with other jobs..

For example, I have a background in marketing. With this experience, I would be ideally placed in assisting with copy writing and editing, and proofreading. I have also worked in food and hospitality and have experience in menu design and writing. I would be well placed in assisting a cookbook author or a food business on their website.

So, do you think a Virtual Assistant could help you?

Find out more about the Virtual Assistant services I provide, or get in touch for more information!

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