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What can a Virtual Assistant do?

So, you think you might need a Virtual Assistant, but you aren’t too sure what exactly they can help with. Read on…

Virtual Assistants generally come from a PA or Office Manager background. This, by default, means that they tend to be well-rounded individuals, with lots of different skills in lots of different industries.

On a basic level, most VAs can help with tasks that you might expect a PA or an Office Manager to do. Below is a list of jobs most Virtual Assistants can help with.

Inbox management

VAs can assist with managing your inbox, whether that is clearing or unsubscribing from any unwanted emails or replying to basic enquiries. They can also use your inbox to set meetings and to collate information.

Diary management

Tired of sending emails back and forth trying to set up meetings? If you have a busy diary with lots of meetings to schedule, a VA can take this off your hands. Share your calendar with them and they can organise your meetings, fill in your calendar and make sure you have everything you need for your appointments, including time in between them for travel (restrictions allowing!).

Basic financial administration

If you have to send out invoices, process payments or file expenses, a VA can take this on. This could also include work in Excel, as well as accountancy software such as Sage or Quickbooks.

Document formatting

VAs usually have lots of experience working with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, so they can be useful when you have documents that need formatting. This could be for a presentation or proposal, or even presenting financial figures.

Travel bookings (when restrictions allow)

Whether you take multiple business trips a year or plan lots of small personal adventures, a VA can help source and book flights, accommodation and transfers for you,. They can also do some research for you on the place you are going to help you make the most of your trip!


Some VAs have more experience than others here, but most VAs will be able to help you with basic social media management (such as scheduling posts, replying to comments and sourcing content or images for you), email marketing and website editing. You can usually rely on your VA to have excellent grammar and language skills so they will be able to help edit and proofread your copy.

Want to find out what other tasks a Virtual Assistant could help with? Get in touch with me and let’s see how I could help!

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